Through a wake of destruction I only wish to smile

A clever seductress only sweetening the pile

By severing several bloodlines

Using a makeshift knife

Manifested of best interests 

Blood brothers unite

Healing with a lifelong passion for westerly winds

Not sure whether to start or whether to begin

Reviving dying dreams or sewing shredded seams

Post traumatic less than tragic stressful disorder

Of daily tasks that outlast the fading light

Beyond the treeline where we reside

Blood brothers unite


French artist JRs “Unframed — Ellis Island” Transforms Historical Site

Known for his uplifting, large-scale photographic portraits of ordinary people, French artist recently travelled to New York’s Ellis Island for a site-specific project on the famed historical site. The island once housed the largest immigrant processing center in the nation, filtering millions of newcomers to the States from the 1890s through the 1950s. Ellis Island now houses an immigration museum, though parts of it have been left untouched. JR was invited to reinvigorate the destitute, abandoned buildings on the island’s south side with his project “Unframed — Ellis Island,” opening to the public on October.

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Brian Oldham - Selected Works

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Brian was born in April of 1993 in Orange, CA, USA. He grew up as an only child with a thriving imagination, playing elaborate games of fiction and fairytales. Now 19, Brian works as a freelance photographer, specializing in fashion and fine art photography. He began taking photographs at the age of sixteen, and as he experimented with self portraiture and surrealism, his love of photography blossomed as he taught himself how to create freely. Brian keeps his passion of all things beautiful and strange ever present in his work, creating surreal, conceptual images that transport the viewer to new worlds. Brian is currently living and working in the Los Angeles area, and is available for commissioned work internationally.